Construction management software
Web based Inventory for
Construction Industry

Nissi Infraconsoft is a web based Road and Construction Management software. Infraconsoft has all the modules for taking care

Web Based Inventory
Chef Coffee
Restaurant & hotel management software
Web based inventory for
restaurants & hotel

Nissi Chef Coffee is a web based Restaurant Management software which will help you in managing your inventory and kitchen managements

Web Based Inventory
 web based inventory management software
Web based inventory for all
other inventory based industries

Nissi Webstockman is a web based inventory and stock management system. Webstockman is well suited for all kind of business houses

Web Based Inventory

Its has become so much important for present day businessman to be aware of the stock and inventory position of his company at any given time.
He needs to know

  • Where how much inventory / stock is available
  • How much inventory / stock has been sold
  • How many inventory / stock are de fective,
  • How much inventory / stock has been returned,
  • What is the inventory /stock in branchs
  • What is the inventory /stock in Head office
  • What is the inventory /stock position in other country branchs
  • Status of inventory /stock despatched on any given day
Webstockman supports the following facilities:-
Web Based Inventory
  • Manage of inventory /stock of multiple companies
  • Manage inventory /stock from multiple vendors
  • Support categorization of products 5 levels deep
  • Multiple access rights - admin and super admin, view, edit, delete rights
  • Stock transfer from one branch to another and more and more...
  • Support categorization of products 5 levels deep
    • Category
    • Sub category
    • Inner sub category
    • Deep inner sub category
    • Item code
Please check the highlights of the software.
Web Based Inventory
  • Web based inventory
  • Web based stores
  • Web based vendor management
  • Can be integrated to Tally - the Indian accounting software
This software is also can be called as follows:-
Web Based Inventory
  • Web inventory management software
  • Multiple location offices management software
  • Vendor management software
  • Stores management software
  • Web based stores management software
  • Chain stores management software
  • Godown management software
  • Warehouse management software
  • Chain retail outlet software
  • Stockyard management software
  • business management software,
  • business billing software.
This software is suitable for following companies:-
Web Based Inventory
  • Chain stores/offices
  • Offices located in various countries
  • Companies having godowns in various parts of country
  • Multiple warehouse - companies
  • Multiple location offices management software
  • Companies managing multiple vendors at multiple locations
  • Chain retail outlets
  • Companies having stockyard In multiple locations.
Why Nissi Web based Inventory Management System?

  • With one - click you can generate the reports on the stock summary, stock transfers and stock issues, purchases, sales etc.
  • Web based inventory records tells you where you stand on your business through the Stock Level, Purchases and sales. It will help you grow you business with precise information.
  • With the help of web based inventory you can reduce the warehouse costs and concentrate more on your core business activities.
  • Our Web based inventory management systems helps you sending your important business notifications through SMS and Emails.
  • Alerts for reorder levels and serial number tracking will help you in having a great control over your stocks because maintaining the right stock level is very important in business.
  • With our web based inventory systems you can stop the wastage of money in over stocking and you can even identify the more and less selling items.
  • Our web based inventory systems use First in First out method and it also helps you in accurate accounting and profit reporting.
  • There will no chance for the human errors and stock thefts which affects you business.