About Nissi Infraconsoft :-
  • Nissi Infraconsoft is a web based road and construction management software which can be integrated with any kind of software provided that software is compatible.
  • Infraconsoft is a unique product which will fulfill all the requirements of the Road & Construction Management firms.
  • Infraconsoft provides SMS and Email options and you can send all the important notifications through SMS and the reports through Mails.
  • Through Infraconsoft, you can check your reports from anywhere around the world and control your business activities.
  • Infraconsoft has all the modules for taking care of your activities from Project creation to Profit Calculation.
Modules in Nissi Infraconsoft:
  • Inventory
  • Vehicle/ Plant & Machinery Management
  • Production Management
  • Project Management
  • Banking Management
  • Expenses Management
  • Assets Management
  • Payroll Management
  • Integration of Inventory to Tally

Inventory Module:

Inventory module helps in tracking your items usage, purchases and stock transfers. It will help you to maintain your inventory in an optimum level by providing alerts. Inventory module has many unique features like,

  • Customization of item Level i.e. Items can be categorized under different categories like Main category, Sub Category etc.
  • Customization of GRN Level i.e. no. of levels you will require while receiving the goods.
  • Items can be created with the serial numbers and this will help in tracking the items easily.
  • Reorder level alerts for the items which has reached the minimum level. This will notify you to buy the required items well before the deadline and help you run the business without any interruption.
  • In Inventory module, we can track all the store, purchase and vendor activities.
  • Maintenance of purchase return and part items return records.

Purchase Order:

Purchase order screen is used to create the purchase orders for the requisitions made by the different departments. Only for all the approved requisitions purchase orders can be created.



GRN Confirmation:

GRN denotes "Goods received Note". After purchase order, we will confirm the items which were received from the vendor.



Bill Passing:

Approved GRNs will be listed for the bill passing. All the details will be displayed and you just need to click on the pass bill button to create your bills. After creating the bills, you can also send the bill details as a SMS.



STN Transactions:

STN denotes Stock Transfer Note. Stores can transfer or request for the items in other branches / stores. For example, STN inward and outward might take place in situations like when there is no time for the purchase of a particular item / excess of particular item in a store which is needed by another store etc,.



Store Issue Transactions:

In store issue transaction screens we will track the items which were issued to the different projects, Departments, Equipments / Plants and Productions. Items which are returned to the store once the job is completed can also be maintained and added to the stocks.



Inventory Reports:

There are plenty of reports in Inventory and you can get any details at any time just by a button click. These reports can be exported to different formats like word, excel, pdf etc. You can also send these reports as emails to anyone.

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Vehicle / Plant & Machinery Management:

Vehicle / Plant and Machinery management module is used to track the activities of your Own and Hire vehicles. We can track the no. of KMs / Hrs a particular vehicle has travelled, its fuel consumption, maintenance details etc. There are plenty of unique features in this module and some of them are,

  • You can monitor the Fuel Consumption of your vehicles / machineries.
  • Reminders for Insurance, Tax, FC, Free Service etc.
  • Tracking the maintenance details like maintenance period, charges, fitted part /equipments etc.
  • Utilization of the idle vehicles by vehicle transferring.
  • Maintenance of Vehicle Sales/ Scrap details.
  • Separate Maintenance screens for Battery and Tyres.

Daily Progress Entry:

Daily Progress entry screen is used to track the day today activities of the own and hire vehicle. We can track the no. of KM / Hrs a particular vehicle has travelled, amount of fuel filled, from and to Locations, idle hours, Driver details etc.



Fuel Consumption:

Fuel consumption screen is used to view the fuel consumption details of the hire and own vehicles. This will help you in finding the mileage of the vehicles.



Periodic Entry:

Periodic entry screen is used to add the periodic maintenance details of the vehicles. Alerts will be displayed when the sub assembly i.e. the maintenance part reaches the usage limit.



Bill Generation:

Bill Generation screen is used to create the bills against the vehicles. All the daily progresses and the spares issued to the vehicle will be included in the bill generation.



Vehicle / Equipment Reports:

There are plenty of reports in this module and you can get any details at any time just by a button click. These reports can be exported to different formats like word, excel, pdf etc. You can also send these reports as emails to anyone.

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Production Management:

Production Management is used to track the Production Creation and Production Outward Processes of your company. BOMs for the production items will be created and using that production items will be produced and out warded to the different branches.

Bill of Material:

Bill of Material screen is used to create the BOMs for the different production items. By using the BOMs we can know the budget we need to produce more items on the production.



Production Outward:

In Production outward screen you can outward the items which were produced to the different projects.



Production Reports:



Project Management Module:

Project Management module helps in maintaining the project details of your company. Starting from the Tender Creation, you can enter all details of a project until the project conclusion. Some of the main features of the projects management module are,

  • You can create the Tenders for the different projects.
  • Estimation of the costs, labors, materials needed for the projects can be created.
  • Project costing by comparing the actual costs with estimation costs. Calculating the Net, Gross profits of the different projects.
  • Bill generation for the projects, by retrieving the details from the different modules like Inventory, vehicle, payroll, expenses etc.

Tender Details Entry:

Tender details entry screen is used to create the tenders for the different projects your concern is interested in.



Project Estimation:

Project estimation screen is used to create the Raw material, vehicle, and labor cost estimations of the projects.



Project Costing:

Project costing screen is used to view the current expenses of the projects. Expenses from other modules like Inventory, Vehicle, Production and Payroll will be calculated and displayed.



Bill Generation:

Bills can be created against the projects and these bill values will also be added in project costing screen.


Project Management Reports:

21    22


Banking Module:

Banking module is used to maintain all the bank transaction details. You can add all the Cash & Cheque deposits, Account transfer details, Bank Charge details, Cheque Clearance details etc. Some of the main features of banking module are,

  • You can add all your bank transactions details and maintain it for your reference with the bank statements.
  • Vouchers can be created for the salary and other type of requirements and maintained with the banking details.
  • You can view all kind of reports regarding your bank transactions.

Voucher Entry:

Voucher entry screen is used to store the payment details when we make entries on the vouchers. We will select the Payment mode, type of the voucher and the supplier / Project / employee to whom we are giving the voucher.



Account Transfer Entry:

Account transfer entry screen is used maintain all your account transfer details.


Banking Reports:

25    26


Expenses Management:

In expenses management module you can maintain all the labor charges and create bills for those charges. These expenses will be created against the projects and it will be included in the profit and loss calculation.

Labor charges Entry:

In labor charges entry screen you can add the labor charges of the projects. According to the no. of labors and wages, charges will be calculated automatically and displayed.



Labor Charge Bill Generation:

In labor charges bill generation screen we will create the bills for the labor charges.



Labor Charges Bill Reports:



Assets Management Module:

Asset Management module is used to maintain the details about the different assets you own like Land, vehicles, furniture etc. Some of the main features of the assets management models are,

  • Easy Maintenance of the assets.
  • Tracking of the assets transfer details.
  • Maintaining asset details with the documents.
  • Calculating the depreciation value of the assets.

Assets Master:

In Asset Master you can add your asset details and attach the documents if there are any related to the assets. Assets can be added under the different asset types like Land, vehicle and others.



Asset Transfer:

Asset transfer screen is used to maintain the asset transfer details. You can transfer the assets to any of your branches and those details will be maintained here.






Payroll Management:

Payroll Management module is used to maintain employee’s personal details, attendance, Monthly Payroll and loan details. Employee salary and load deduction amounts are calculated automatically and even the salary slips can be created. Some of the main features of the payroll management are,

  • All the employee details like Attendance, Salary calculation, Loan etc can be maintained in one place.
  • Extra time worked, Bonus, loan deductions everything can be calculated with the salary just by a button click.
  • You just need to enter the attendance details and needn’t have to worry about any of the calculations.


Employee Management:

Employee Management is used to add the details about the employees in the organization. Employee details we add here will be used in all the transactions.



Monthly Attendance:

Monthly Attendance is used to add the attendance details of the employees’ month wise. Employee’s eligible working days, days worked, public holidays, managed and unmanaged leaves etc. can be maintained in this screen.



Monthly Payroll:

Monthly Payroll is used to calculate the salary for a particular employee based on the monthly attendance.


Payroll Reports:

36    37


Integration of Inventory to Tally

Infraconsoft Accounts Synchronization Module helps to retrieve all accounts related data from Infraconsoft server to Tally *. We synchronize the Bill Pass and Hire Bill details to Tally *. The design is based on Online Synchronization Model. So the Internet connection is must for this tool. This tool is mainly divided in to two parts 1. Authentication Part 2.Data transfer Part.

Authentication Part:

In this tool we have used powerful encryption and authentication method so as to ensure that it is used only in right Branch.

Data Transfer Part:

Once the Authentication credentials are satisfied, then we move on to Data Transfer part. Just by a button click, it will automatically synchronize all data from centralized server to Tally *.