Inventory Specification To Accounts:-

Inventory to accounts (tally accounting software integration)

  • Nissi Infotech has developed separate integration software for Tally accounting software.
  • Using this, we are connecting our own inventory software and the Tally software.
  • Once the integration software is activated, automatically the information from the inventory software is transferred into tally under the correct heading and the the accounts staff can take printouts.
  • The tally software working in branches also can be connected to the HO tally software and all the branch information can be integrated.
  • We have already done this for companies.
  • Any kind of report can be carved out of inventory software.
  • It's one-click operation and is very easy to operate.

Please check the picture below on how our integration software works

  • KC1 = name of a branch
  • KC2= name of a branch